Understanding the Basics and Betting Options in Horse Racing and Dog Racing

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The rich history of horse and dog racing, characterised by the pounding of hooves and the exhilarating rush of greyhounds, has captivated audiences for centuries. Singapore extends this excitement to online betting, allowing you to experience the races’ electrifying atmosphere from the comfort of your own device. 

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that only licensed operators are authorised to offer online betting in Singapore. Once you’ve identified a reputable platform, familiarising yourself with the fundamental aspects of each sport and the diverse betting options available is paramount for making well-informed wagers.

Horse Racing

Horse racing boasts a rich history and intricate betting options. Races are categorised by factors like distance, surface (dirt, turf, etc.), and age of the horses. Here’s a breakdown of some popular Singapore horse racing bets:

  • Win: This straightforward bet requires you to correctly predict the horse that will triumph, crossing the finish line first.
  • Place: Here, you choose a horse to secure either first or second place. While the payout is lower compared to a Win bet, the odds of success are more favourable.
  • Show: Your chosen horse needs to finish first, second, or third to win. This offers the lowest payout but comes with the highest chance of success.
  • Exacta: You predict the exact order of the first two horses to finish. This offers a higher payout but requires pinpoint accuracy.
  • Quinella: Similar to an Exacta, you predict the first two horses to finish, but the order doesn’t matter. The payout is lower than an Exacta but offers more flexibility.

Dog Racing

Dog racing Singapore, with its fast-paced action and shorter races, offers a unique betting experience. Races are typically categorised by distance and age of the greyhounds. Here are some common dog racing bets to consider:

  • Win: Just like horse racing, you predict the dog that will cross the finish line first.
  • Forecast: Similar to an Exacta, you predict the first two dogs to finish, but the order matters.
  • Tricast: You predict the exact order of the first three dogs to finish. This offers a high payout but demands remarkable foresight.
  • Winning Combination: You choose multiple dogs to finish in the top two or three positions, regardless of order. This offers a more flexible way to approach the race.

Understanding the Odds

Odds are the cornerstone of Singapore online betting. They represent the likelihood of a particular outcome and determine your potential payout. Lower odds indicate a favourite with a higher chance of winning, but also a smaller payout. Higher odds indicate an underdog, offering a potentially larger payout but with a lower chance of success.


Knowledge is power in the exhilarating world of Singapore’s horse and dog racing betting. By familiarizing yourself with the racing format, the diverse betting options, and how to interpret odds, you’ll be well-equipped to make informed wagers and potentially enhance your enjoyment of the sport.


Eileen Dunbar

Eileen Dunbar