How to be a successful online football bettor?


The betting on football matches online has become popular in recent years. However, casual bettors soon realize that consistently winning money betting on football online requires research, discipline, and the right strategy. Simply guessing on games or betting with your emotions is unlikely to yield success over the long run.

Develop a betting strategy

All successful bettors follow some sort of defined strategy and game plan. Think carefully about what, when, and how often you bet. Some factors to consider:

  • What leagues or competitions will you focus on? NFL, NCAA, certain conferences, etc.
  • What bet types fit your style? Spreads, over/under, props, futures, etc.
  • How much will you wager per bet and session? Proper bankroll management is key.
  • When will you place bets? Certain days, times, or as lines move?
  • How frequently will you bet? Daily, a few times a week, only certain slates?

Betting blueprint tailored to your strengths will maximize your chances to win. Follow it with patience and discipline.

Study teams, players, and statistics

No amount of instinct or luck replace doing thorough research. Bettors analyze teams, rosters, injuries, advanced stats, and trends. Check out sports analytics sites to get stats on yards per play, pace of play, success rate, turnovers, and more. Study how teams perform against the spread and over/under. Understand key mismatches in upcoming games using data and identify situations where teams over or undervalued by the oddsmakers. It is how you gain betting value.

One of the easiest ways to increase the win rate is by taking advantage of variations in betting lines at different sportsbooks. Even a half-point difference in the spread or total alter your edge on a wager. Be sure to open accounts at multiple online sportsbooks so you compare the lines and odds real time before placing bets. Only lock in wagers when you have identified the best price available on the market across books. This line-shopping approach over an entire season add up to significant extra winnings.

Follow sharp money and reverse line moves

Sharp bettors and professional syndicates often move Fun88 betting lines drastically when betting a specific side or total. It is called a “reverse line move”. When a significant line move happens, it often indicates that sharp money is flowing on one side. By following line moves and betting with the sharps, you piggyback off their advanced analysis and win rates. Conversely, avoid betting into steam and sticking with your initial instincts on a line move. The sharps usually have it right.

Use proper bankroll management

Even the best handicappers have long-losing streaks. Bankroll management ensures you survive variance and live to fight another day. Have a dedicated sports betting bankroll and use flat staking (same-sized bets) with 1-5% of your bankroll per wager. Never fall into chasing losses by over-betting. Stay disciplined to protect your bankroll during inevitable downswings and reap the rewards when you get hot. Sportsbooks are beaten by bonuses, free bets, and rewards programs. This instantly boosts your bankroll and provides insurance on your wagers. Compare the latest new user and reload bonus offers available at different sportsbooks and only play where you have an edge. Be sure to read the fine print on playthrough requirements. Also, take advantage of reduced juice offers, odds boosts, parlay insurance, and risk-free bets. It’s all additional expected value in your favor.

Julie Napper

Julie Napper