Debunking slot myths – Truth about fairness in online slot games

With so many online casinos available, players are able to choose from thousands of exciting slot titles right at their fingertips. With this popularity comes much misinformation about how slots work and whether they truly are fair games. The most common myths about slots are that the games are deliberately rigged against players to guarantee that the house always wins. It isn’t true when it comes to regulated online casinos. Legitimate online slots use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure the outcome of each spin is completely random and unpredictable. Ensure fair gameplay by rigorously testing the RNG software by third parties. The house advantage is calculated into the game’s payback percentage, but winning or losing each spin is entirely random.

Slots get “hot” or “cold”

Some players believe rusia777 slots get hot or cold, meaning the game starts hitting frequent payouts or goes through a dry spell. This perception of slots getting hot or cold is the human brain looking for patterns. The RNG ensures each spin is completely independent of all past spins. A slot is never “due” to hit a jackpot or go cold. Streaks of wins or losses are just coincidences, even though our brains want to perceive a pattern. Over many thousands of spins, the payback percentage holds.

You tell when a slot is about to hit

Related to the hot and cold myth, some think there are telltale signs when a slot is about to hit a big payday. Because of the RNG, you cannot use patterns to predict a coming win. The symbols spinning on each reel, close calls, and recent jackpots have no bearing on future outcomes. Any pattern you think you see is simply coincidental. The RNG makes each spin random and independent, with the overall payback percentage being the only consistency over time.

You improve your odds through skill

Unlike table games such as blackjack, slots are games of pure chance. There are no decisions a player can make to improve the odds or their chances of winning. The RNG determines everything, so pressing buttons in a certain rhythm, wagering specific amounts, or using lucky charms cannot influence the outcome. Slot games are essentially mechanical, virtual reel spinners. The only “skill” would be picking games with better payback percentages or volatility rates to suit your style. But you can’t “beat” a slot through skill or strategy.

Jackpots are impossible to win

While slot jackpots certainly don’t hit frequently, it’s a myth that they are impossible to win. Games with progressive jackpots continue growing until someone hits the lucky combination for the top prize. If the jackpot payout isn’t achievable, progressive awards would never get to the mega-million dollar levels they do today. A progressive jackpot win is inevitable, so never assume the jackpot is out of reach. Of course, you’re more likely to hit smaller base game wins, but you can’t win if you don’t play.

Thomas Wardlow

Thomas Wardlow